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Crafts for Kids

My kids love crafting! We are always searching for crafts we can do together!

Hands on Crafts

I’m always looking for crafts we can do at home that all ages can have fun with.

Cheap Crafts!

We simply don’t have much money to spend on crafts so I’m always looking for cheap and free crafts.

Crafts for Gifts

There are some great craft ideas that kids can make for gift giving!

Old Lady Costume

Alright, so it was going to be the 100th day of school for my middle child, and the school decided to celebrate by letting the kids dress as if they were 100 years old. This look was really easy to accomplish, and it really didn't cost me a single penny because I had...

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Dragon tooth party favor

This year, one of my children decided she wanted to have a dragon themed birthday party. So as we were thinking of party favors, I thought it would be cool if we could make dragon teeth necklaces. Basically, the goal was to make an overgrown shark tooth and call it a...

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Valentine’s Day footprints

Wit's Valentine's Day coming up I was looking for something cute and easy for me and the girls do do. We decided on footprint hearts.  This craft was really simple to do, and the girls were able to decorate their own hearts at the end. First,  we made 2 foot prints,...

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Snowman salt dough ornament

A few years ago my girls and I started making salt dough ornaments, but as they are getting older we are trying new things with them. While they were busy making their own ornaments, I started playing with some of the left over dough....and it turned out really CUTE!...

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Starting a Blog

Get a Domain Name. ( DONE! Get a Hosting account. ( DONE! Have your very good friend, who loves you dearly, design a super cute website using super cute photos of your very own super cute kids. (,...

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